Easy Social Ranker – Watch How Their Beta Tester Scored $1,000 a Month Contract

Easy Social Ranker

One of the biggest problems any online or offline marketer faces is maintaining all their social groups and accounts. Think about it, you have Google +, Twitter and Facebook, and more…it’s a lot to keep up with! But of course we know that if it’s done well you can send the social signals Google is looking for…so it’s something that has to be done.

When you keep up with your social accounts, you can also make a ton of money through affiliate marketing or just to gather leads.

If you wanted to get clients so that you could take care of their social marketing…that could be a lot of work if you have 100’s of clients.

But you need the check this out:

Easy Social Ranker had some beta testers…

…and one of their BETA testers scored a client getting him a $1k/month contract the very next day after contacting him. The great thing is the Easy Social Ranker software handles all of the maintenance you would need to do for them on autopilot.

So its great for onliners if you want to get more social buzz, create a bigger following, get more likes leading to high rankings in Google and overall sales and leads to affiliate offers OR for offliners who want to maintain their client’s accounts and charge them $1k a month for it.

The potential is limitless.

NOTE: This product is available for 7 days only and is being sold as a dimesale. So right now you can get it for 80% off. Once they officially release it on webinars, they’ll be selling it for $197.

So if you want to learn how to automate social accounts, whether it’s for you or your clients, check it out now!

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