PingFresh Plugin Helped Student Boost Traffic by 897%

Sean Donahoe - PingFresh

Let me ask you… Are you happy with your traffic?

If you answered no (and I expect you did), make sure you read on.

Sean Donahoe, one of the leading icons of Internet Marketing, is sharing one of his top traffic strategies
that helped one of his students go from ZERO traffic to over 1,700 visitors a day.

The best part? They did it in under 15 days.

Now, that impressed me. Then I saw another student that went from almost no traffic to over 7,735 visitors a day.

The shocking thing is that this was all done on autopilot with a very powerful WordPress plugin that:

  • Drives FLOODS of laser-targeted traffic
  • Creates automated “Social Sonar Pulses”
  • Revives DEAD content as if it was FRESH
  • Promotes ALL your content continuously
  • Boosts your “Social Footprint” on autopilot
  • Dramatically increases your Rankings
  • Leverages the hidden value of your existing content
  • Explodes your site’s PROFIT potential

The secret is that most sites are STAGNANT… Their old content is actually hurting their rankings and profits. If your traffic has really FLATLINED then you need to take a look at this now…

The genius of this plugin is that it sends out powerful “Social Sonar Pulses” that instantly pull in new
visitors and more money.

Stagnant sites with rising costs and falling rankings are doomed unless they can REVITALIZE that old dead
content and put it to work.

I strongly believe this will help you with your site and traffic so go take a look now and I am sure you will be impressed, too.

Bottom line, get this while you can:

Get PingFresh Now!

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