Internet Marketing Templates: Contentaire Review

Jimmy D Brown - Contentaire

Last week, Jimmy D. Brown released a new product, called Contentaire.

Any time Jimmy releases something, I need to take a look at it.


Anything he releases has very high quality to it.

So when I saw that there was a product called Contentaire, that had over 700 pages of templates, tutorials, starters, and more, I was excited.

Over the weekend I purchased it, and here are my thoughts on Contentaire so far:

  • Jimmy D. Brown over-delivered once again. Anything you’re trying to do, he has either a tutorial for you, a template, or some ideas. I can see going back to this again and again, no matter what it is I’m working on.
  • I love the sections he gives you ideas. Just as an example, he lists out 27 ideas for membership sites. While I probably wouldn’t use any of them directly, just reading them gave me a few ideas for other membership sites that I hadn’t had prior to reading it.
  • The templates are awesome. Not sure what to title your blog post? There are ideas for that. Not sure what you want to post about? There are ideas for that too. Trying to write a sales letter? No problem, there are templates for that as well.
  • While I haven’t had time to look at the training much yet I am really looking forward to some of them, like ideas for your next information product, how to write articles that get people to buy, and more. I’m sure there are more that I’ll want to read, once I have the time.
  • The copywriting section looks great as well. I love when all you have to do is insert your phrase and you’ll get the perfect headline, ps., and more.
  • The copywriting challenge at the end of the 3rd section looks great also. I have written a few different sales letters before, and haven’t really liked how they turned out. Once I go through this and re-write some of them, I am sure I’ll be a lot happier.

So that’s my Contentaire review…

To sum it all up…Contentaire has a ton of templates, checklists, swipe files, training manuals, and more.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing online. If you write, 700+ pages of content will help you.

I’m sure you won’t be able to go through it all at once, but if you use a little at a time, I’m sure your content, and sales will be better for it.

Jimmy has a great limited time price on Contentaire…so check it out now before he raises the price!

Get Contentaire Now!

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