FreshKey Software – Find Out What People Want to Buy!

I just got a really cool email from Ryan Deiss.

He was talking about his new software product, called FreshKey.

At first I wasn’t sure how exciting it was going to be…but as I watched the video I was absolutely floored.

You know how when you go into Amazon and start typing something, that it auto finishes it for you with the most popular searches?

Well, that really tells you something – it’s what people are looking for! It’s where they want to spend their money right now.

Do you know how hard it would be do manually go through and search your keyword and then each letter of the alphabet to see all the different keywords that come up? Hours.

This software makes it so simple to find out exactly what people are looking to buy.

You can then go to Amazon, type in that keyword, and see if there is a lot of competition or not.

You have to see this video now. I don’t know how long it’ll be available for just $20…and it is a STEAL at $20.00.

Get FreshKey Now!

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