Get Jimmy D. Brown’s Newest Product: Contentaire

Jimmy D Brown - Contentaire

Have you seen this yet?

Jimmy D. Brown hasn’t put out a new product in a really long time. But when he does…they’re always incredible.

Yesterday, Jimmy released Contentaire.

What is it?

To sum it up, it is a ton of templates, checklists, swipe files, training manuals and more.

Are you one of those people that can’t stand looking at a blank WordPress post?

You know what you want to say…but you just can’t start getting it out?

Here is where the templates come in handy. Start with one of those, and you’ll see how fast your blog post gets written.

Are you stuck even trying to figure out what you should post about? That’s not a problem either.

Use one of the hundreds of idea starters, and you’re bound to come up with a bunch of different things to post about – no matter what your niche is.

The whole product is over 700 pages long…so you know you’re getting a TON of information here.

Jimmy D. Brown is great at writing, and selling, so shouldn’t you learn from him so that you can do the same?

Here are just some of the things you’ll get in the 3 modules:

  • 25 Product Title Templates
  • 10 Article Templates
  • 10 Blog Post Templates
  • 101 Writing Idea Generators
  • 27 Hot Buttons for Sales Writing
  • 50 Blog Post Titles
  • 15 Ideas and Examples for Small Report Titles
  • 27 Ideas for Membership Sites
  • 15 Ways to Promote Offers in Content
  • Checklist: How to Create an Information Product
  • 27 Red Hot Ideas for Your Next Information Product
  • How to Write P.A.G.E.S. of High Demand Content
  • How to Write Compelling Content that Keeps People Reading
  • 15 Ways to Introduce an Offer
  • …and so much more that I can’t even list it all here.

Seriously…if you’re the type of person that works a lot better with SOMETHING than with a blank screen, this is going to help you. You’ll get more ideas, and become a better writer using them.

You won’t believe the price either! He says it’s going to go up…so don’t miss out.

Get Contentaire Now!

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