Free Local Internet Marketing Training

On this upcoming free training webinar that Kevin Wilke (of the Local Internet Marketing Association) will be putting on, not only will you get the Brand New Breakthrough 6 Step Sales Process (that takes less than 10 minutes with a brand new prospect), but they will also ROLE-PLAY it for you on the webinar.

If you want to get more prospects, that are already pre-qualified, and close more of them at higher prices, then this webinar is exactly what you are wanting.

Register today and show up early.

This will be a PACKED house, high-impact, content RICH webinar.

The quick recap…

On this brand new training webinar, you will receive a MAJOR breakthrough that makes the entire sales and marketing of your local marketing business 10 times EASIER, FASTER and SIMPLER.

Sign up for Kevin Wilke’s Free Webinar Now!

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