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NAMS 10 Tickets

Last weekend I attended NAMS 9 in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was my second NAMS event, and it was just as good as the last one I went to.

I just wanted to share what I got out of it…especially for people who have never been to a live event, or to an event like this!

  • Networking – Now I am probably one of the most shy people I know, but at NAMS it is just easy to talk to people. If you don’t go up to them, they’re so friendly they’ll come up to you and start talking to you! I’m one who prefers talking with someone one on one, but almost every night I was out in the lobby talking to small groups of people, and it was great!
  • Sessions – I took a lot of notes in the sessions. I left with easily 10 different things on my list that I’m going to want to add/change when I have the time. They will all help me earn more money, and do it passively. How great is that?
  • One-on-One sessions – There were maybe around 10 people that put up sign up sheets that allowed you to talk to them one-on-one for 15 minutes throughout the weekend. I signed up to talk to Nicole Dean (I did this with her last time too!) and Karon Thackston (who was also incredible and I hope to talk to her again as well). Both sessions were amazing. I left knowing exactly what I was going to do next, and how it would help my business. It’s amazing what someone talking to you about your business can really do to help you!

I left with a more clear vision of my business, and what I was going to do over the next 6 months. I’m really excited, and can’t believe it only cost $97 for the ticket (plus airfare, hotel, and food of course.)

Plus, I can’t tell you how great it was to spend the weekend talking to people who UNDERSTOOD my business!

I’m sure you have the same problem. At home people just don’t “get it”. Well, at NAMS, they all get it, and are happy to talk about your business, their business, and about business in general.

If you can make it to NAMS 10 in August, I strongly suggest you get your $97 ticket now. After Monday, the price will go up to $197, and then go up another $100 every month until they’re sold out.

…and if you get a ticket, please let me know! I’d love to meet up with you there!

Get Your Ticket to NAMS 10 Now!

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