Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes – Get up to 90% Off Many Products!

Jay Boyer & John Rhodes - Valentines Blowout Webinar

Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes went out and did something crazy again…

They “gently negotiated” special deals on best-selling products from:

  • James J. Jones, Tony Laidig, Daniel Hall,
  • Keith Dougherty, Peter Garety, Mark Thompson,
  • Matt Rhodes, Dr. Ben Adkins, Ronnie Nijmeh

You’ll get up to 90% OFF on all kinds of products, software, trainings, and more.

This is the offical VALENTINES BLOWOUT that you do not want to miss.

I know it sounds crazy, but they really do offer these crazy discounts on all sorts of products! You’ll be able to get some incredible deals on things you were probably going to buy anyway.

What’s really crazy is that getting up to 90% off of Internet Marketing products is already a great reason to be on the webinar. But that wasn’t enough for them. So Jay and John are also randomly handing out $100 Amazon Gift Cards and maybe even some other cash and prizes.

You’re gonna love this.

Make sure you sign up, and then show up early. Don’t get locked out. This thing is really popular. That’s why I’m going to be there…they have really great deals when they do this!

Make sure you log in a little early. I know that people have gotten locked out of these events in the past because GoToWebinar will only allow 1,000 people on the call.

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