Free Training: About Me Page Webinar!

Anita Hampl - About Me Page Webinar

How hard was it for you to write your “About Me” page on your website?

I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I know I had a hard time…and know that it could be better.

Anita Hampl knows “About Me” pages, and wants to help you make yours better.

So tonight she’s doing a free webinar where she’ll give you tips on how you can make just a few simple change son that one page to keep people on your website longer, looking at your business.

The webinar is free, and will help you learn to attract people who need to meet you!

Did you know that the About Me page is the second most looked at page on your site?

So you want to make sure that it’s impressive, and says what you’re trying to convey.

Anita will show you the free steps you can take to make your About me page better…right now!

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