New Breakthrough for Local Sales & Marketing (Local Internet Marketers Association)

I have something new to tell you about that’s been months in development.

It’s a brand new approach to marketing your local marketing business and getting customers that you’ve never seen before.

Imagine a Marketing & Sales Process that takes less than 10 minutes with a brand new prospect, and leaves them selling themselves on signing up with you.

Plus it positions you from the beginning as an industry leader and authority.

Kevin Wilke of the Local Internet Marketers Association (LIMA) has put together a webinar
revealing all this to you and more.

Register today and show up early for this free webinar, you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this one!

This will be a PACKED house, high-impact, content RICH webinar.

On this brand new training webinar, you will receive a MAJOR breakthrough that makes the entire sales and marketing of your local marketing business 10 times EASIER, FASTER and SIMPLER.

Sign up now:

Sign up for Kevin Wilke’s Free Webinar Now!

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