Yanik Silver’s Underground 9 – Discount in February!!

If you’ve been thinking about going to Yanik Silver’s Underground 9 event, you probably heard that there was a great early bird discount.

You’d get $500 off your ticket, plus some great bonuses if you purchased your ticket by January 18th.

As I’m sure you realize…that date has come and gone.

But Yanik was really great, and has opened up a backdoor link that I can share with you.

You’ll not only still be able to get the $500 off…but the 3 cool bonuses that the early birds got as well!

This means that you’ll get:

  • VIP seating at the secret networking dinner.
  • Secret Agent Million Dollar Directory Listing.
  • Go Glow Gadget Party

How great is that?

Of course, Yanik didn’t tell me how long the link will work for…so if you’re even considering going, please make sure you check it out now.

I’d really hate it if you decided to go too late and ended up paying an extra $500 when you didn’t have to!

Just as a reminder, the Underground is where Yanik brings together a group of real world success stories, and they all share how they’re making lots of money online.

Most likely you haven’t heard of them…and that’s the point. They’re busy making money, not talking about it!

It’s also THE event to go to if you’re looking to network, as many of the biggest names in Internet Marketing will be there.

He also has an incredible guarantee…so if you’re still on the fence, make sure you see what that is as well!

UPDATE: Tickets to Underground Online Seminar 10 are now being sold. The event will take place in New Orleans on February 20th – 22nd, 2014. Don’t miss out. You can get your tickets here.

Go check it out before it’s too late…

Get Your Ticket to the Underground Online Marketing Seminar Now!

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