Kelly McCausey Firesale – Last Chance to get $750 Worth of Internet Marketing Items for $14

Kelly McCausey - Fire Sale

I mentioned this a few days ago…but since it’s ending tomorrow, wanted to bring it up as it’s a great deal.

Kelly McCausey is helping Tishia, who needed to move into a new apartment.

Her landlady smokes, and she just couldn’t take being around the smoke anymore. So Kelly, and a lot of other people have been really awesome and set up a fire sale.

She has met her goal, and was able to move into the apartment…but because they said the sale would be through the end of January, they’re keeping their word and letting you get this great deal through tomorrow.

For just $14, you can get over $750.00 worth of great Internet Marketing products.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Smart Blogging Skills (worth $39)
  • Any plugin for WordPress from (worth $37)
  • Web Content Profits Resource Package (worth $27)
  • Membership with email support (worth $39)
  • Social Media for Business Project Kit (worth $17)
  • Graphics Mojo (worth $27)
  • The Perpetual Motion Money Machine (worth $97)
  • Finish the Book! (worth $97)
  • Private Label Rights Migraine PLR Pack (worth $27)
  • Upgrade to WordPress Now (worth $27)
  • Any PLR Article Pack from (worth up to $12.50)
  • 15 Steps to Resell Rights Stardom (worth $27)
  • Brand Marketing – How to Develop Your Branding Strategy (worth $27)
  • 7 Ways to Easily Improve your Online Presence (worth $17)
  • How to SEO your Site: A DIY Guide for Small Business Owners (worth $47)
  • WordPress Unmasked (worth $97)
  • $40 in PLR from DIYplr and All Private Label Content (Value $40)
  • Marketing with Content (worth $17)
  • Growing Your Affiliate Business with Small Info Products (worth $17)

So for just $14…you’ll not only get all of the above stuff, but you’ll also be helping Tisha out. All the money will still go to her…let’s face it. There are a lot of other expenses with moving besides the first month’s rent!

Just to put into perspective how good of a deal this is…even if you didn’t care about any of the specific products, but were just interested in choosing your own PLR products…you get:

  • Any PLR Article Pack from (worth up to $12.50)
  • $40 in PLR from DIYplr and All Private Label Content (Value $40)

…and that’s not counting PLR to a Migraine pack.

So that’s $52.40 worth of PLR that you can choose….PLUS all of that other stuff, for just $14.

If that isn’t a great deal…I don’t know what is! I know I took advantage of it, and if any of the above items interest you…you should too!

Help Tishia and Get Everything Above for $14!

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