Internet Sales Machine – He Made $250,000 in a Week?

If you see Edmund Loh on the street, chances are you won’t look at him twice.

So plain-looking that few people would have guessed that this ordinary guy generated over a quarter million dollars in sales… within a week!

How on earth did he do it?

He says that there IS a system anyone can use to generate nearly 5 times more online profits…

.. And even shoot up the Customer Lifetime Value to at least 1,400% and above!

And you know what?

His Inner Circle students learned pays him up to $5,000 to learn these secrets.

Now you can get the *UPDATED* version to it – for a whole lot LESS.

Here’s what you’ll get with Internet Sales Machine:

  • Module 1: Internet Sales Machine Overview
  • Module 2: Irresistible Offer Creation Secrets
  • Module 3: Mastery of Words
  • Module 4: The Instant Profit Multiplier Formula
  • Module 5: Recurring Sales
  • Module 6: High Ticket Domination
  • Module 7: Mastering the Technical Aspect of Internet Sales Machine
  • Module 8: Freebies: Bribe & Build Your List at Warp Speed
  • Module 9: Email Marketing Magic
  • Module 10: The Big Payday

Check it out (before your competitor does!)

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