The Paper Template (Hate Writing Sales Letters, Squeeze Pages, Earnings Disclaimers and More?)

I want to show you something that’s been almost 4 years in the making…

The simple fact is you’ve seen most successful web pages have that “piece of paper” look and feel for a number of reasons (which you may not be aware of):

  • It converts better than any other template many have tried.
  • >It “remains” evergreen: you can’t tell if it’s a web page I created in 2001, 2005, 2013 or 2019.
  • It’s easy to setup, just set it and forget it and add a logo later if you want it to look pretty.

…And here’s something you probably DO know… it’s that the old school ways of creating websites on the internet are dying…FTP, HTML… endangered species…

What most people are doing now are WordPress sites. And here’s the thing. These guys created the SECOND WordPress sales letter plugin ever invented… the problem? WordPress simply didn’t have the functionality to do all the things they wanted to do in order to:

  • Point and click a sales letter or optin page
  • Run a bunch of pages in one site
  • Keep it all organized

But it’s 2013 and now WordPress is advanced enough for this plugin to work!

Trust me…you need to check this out. I purchased it as soon as I saw it, and have already used it – and really love it. It’s crazy to think it is so inexpensive!

Get The Paper Template Now!

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