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Josh Bartlett - Easy Video Player

Since 2009, one tool has helped evolve the way marketers use video for their online business more than anything else.

That tool is Easy Video Player by Josh Bartlett.

Even now, over two years after the launch of Easy Video Player 2, other video software is still trying to catch up with what they innovated back in 2010!

Meanwhile, Josh has been working on the next evolution of video marketing for over two years…and he has invested multiple six figures of his own money to create the “next generation” of video marketing, based on the input of tens of thousands of his satisfied customers.

If you want to know how to record, convert, publish, market, and track your videos with just one easy to use system, then you’ll want to watch Josh’s video.

In the video, Josh reveals his journey from just having the best video player on the market, to doing something even greater and producing truly the ultimate video marketing solution.

He could have just released a new version of Easy Video Player with a couple of cool new features…

I mean, Easy Video Player already:

  • Has tens of thousands of customers.
  • Has the lowest refund rate on Clickbank at only 2%.
  • Is used by more marketers than anything else on the market.

Josh also knew that his customers and marketers needed more to take the tech out of video marketing.

So you’ll also discover how you can now do the following with videos:

  1. How to have a perfectly web-optimized video that is viewable on all mobile devices! (Simply by dragging and dropping your videos into a desktop app.)
  2. Know what type of video will convert your prospects into customers and raving fans. (See how they interact with your videos in real time.)
  3. Have your now optimized and converted video on a sales page and viewable by your prospects in one minute or less! (Without uploading a single file or touching a piece of code.
  4. Let Easy Video Suite automatically track and run your entire video marketing campaign.

In this video series, Josh is also going to demonstrate the true power of this ultimate video marketing solution.

Watch the evolution of video marketing now…

Learn how to Record, Edit, Publish, Market, and Track Your Videos with Easy Video Player Now!

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