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FishBowl Formula

Over the past week, we’ve talked about the Fishbowl Formula, and how it can help you start a business helping other local businesses.

In a minute I’ll remind you of exactly what you get with Fishbowl Formula…

But what you might not know, unless you watched the entire video, is that you’ll get 4 weeks of free coaching calls when you buy Fishbowl Formula!

Have any questions?

No problem. For 4 weeks, Jody Underhill will be on the phone, answering your questions – as well as everyone else’s. So you not only get the benefit of having your questions answered, but of hearing other peoples as well. Sometimes you don’t even realize you have a question until you hear someone else ask it!

This is a HUGE benefit…and Jody could easily charge extra for this, but isn’t.

As a reminder, here’s what the Fishbowl Formula is about…

Jody will teach you how to use actual fishbowls and local businesses to help make them more money – and in turn make you money as well.

There is no risk for the restaurant, and no rejection for you!

And almost immediately, you’ll see an increase in sales.

What’s great is that this can be done in a lot of types of businesses, not just restaurants.

You really need to hear Jody’s explanation. He’ll even tell you how he made $721 from a lunch he went to with his wife – and how he had a knife pointed at him during that same meal!

Just to make it easy for you while you’re watching the video linked below, here is what you’ll get with The Fishbowl Formula:

  • Module 1: The Big Idea – This is where Jody will break down the entire Fishbowl process in simple terms. It’s only about 30 minutes long.
  • Module 2: The 9 Fishbowls – Jody discovered 9 versions of the Fishbowl for different businesses, and will share them with you.
  • Module 3: His 3 Door Busters – So far Jody has developed 3 methods for getting his foot in the door without ever ticking off an employee or owner.
  • Module 4: The 6 Best Sellers – After testing, there are 6 services that businesses will buy instantly upon seeing positive results.
  • Module 5: 4 Fishing Methods – These are 4 key methods for collecting up to 20x more business cards in the client’s fishbowls.
  • Module 6: The 2-Way Stick – These two simple strategies are how Jody keeps clients for years instead of just a few months. It’s simple, but powerful.
  • Module 7: Big 10 Add-Ons – Once he has a happy client, these are the other 10 services he provides them next. This work is 100% outsourced at 70% profit.
  • Bonus 1: All of Jody’s paperwork – Service agreements, lead sheets, client work orders…the works. This alone cost him $1,500 to put together.
  • Bonus 2: All of Jody’s emails – Template emails for all his clients in over 23 markets, pre-written for cut and paste use. You get them all. Over 1,000 man hours in writing.
  • Bonus 3: All of Jody’s SMS Texts – He shows his clients how to contact their customers by SMS/Text and even provides pre-written messages for them. You can use his instead of creating your own. (These are different for all 23 markets.)
  • Bonus 4: All of Jody’s vendors – He has a “golden rolodex” of trusted providers and software. Now you won’t need to do the work to find them yourself.
  • Bonus 5: 30 Days to $30k – Watch Jody build a business in a new city from scratch in less than 30 days following the exact methods he teaches in this program.
  • …and of course, 4 weeks of live coaching to make sure you understand everything!

As you can see, this is everything you’ll need to get started, and to be successful.

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