Amazon Now Paying You $5 Per Book?

Kindle Select Secrets

This is important for all Kindle authors…so if you have a book (or books) on Kindle, or if you’re thinking about it, you’re going to want to pay attention.

Amazon has added $1.5 million dollars to the KDP Select global fund.

The December “cash pool” is now at $700,000 plus Amazon added $700,000 MORE on top.

Another $800,000 will drop in January and February next year.

What does this mean for you? It’s simple. You can now earn up to $5 every single time an Amazon customer borrows your book.

Five bucks per borrow! Compare that to making $0.30 on a book you’re SELLING for $0.99 now.

That’s 17 times more money in your pocket…

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I strongly recommend that you see exactly how to earn $5 every time someone borrows your book.

The is required reading.

By the way, this information is time-sensitive and you must take action IMMEDIATELY if you want to cash starting today.

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