Free Live Event: How to Get More Done in 6 Hours than Most do in 6 Weeks (Rich Schefren and Pete Williams Host)

Profit Hacks - Livecast

What could you do for your business in 6 hours?

Could you write a whole book (and then sell it)? How about create an entire information product?

Could you churn out multiple blogs, podcasts and videos? Or how about post on every forum in your niche? Could you answer every single email from your customers?

What about doing all this… in just 6 HOURS?

That sounds impossible right?

Not for Australian entrepreneur, Pete Williams.

During tomorrow’s livecast you’ll see the proof that Pete can get all this done – and then some – in UNDER six hours.

More importantly, ANYONE can… if you know the shortcut strategies – the “hacks” – that Pete will show you tomorrow during this livecast.

Together with Rich Schefren, Pete will show you LIVE and in person how you can get an entire week of work done in just 6 hours.

You can sign-up for this livestream at the link below.

Tomorrow, Pete and Rich will show you how to…

  • Turn 30 minutes of work into 9 different pieces of valuable content.
  • Become an established published author, without writing a word (and sell your book within a week).
  • Create an entire information product in 20 minutes. (And start selling it 2 days later.)
  • “Hack” your email inbox so you never waste another second sifting through email.
  • Create high-quality, engaging blogs and guest blogs (in your own voice) in under 15 minutes.
  • Establish yourself as an authority by posting on EVERY forum in your niche… in under 5 minutes.

And that’s just to start.

I urge you to clear your schedule and tune in for this livestream tomorrow at 3pm EST.

Last time Pete hosted an online event like this, viewers were using his “hacks” to drastically improve their businesses just 24 hours later.

That means that if you tune in tomorrow you could start seeing results in your business by FRIDAY.

Trust me, this is one online event you don’t want to miss.

You can join Pete & Rich for this game-changing event Thursday at 3pm EST.

Sign-up right now for this free event.

Then tune in and prepare to be amazed.


P.S. Here’s what just a few viewers from Pete’s last “ProfitHacks” Live demonstration had to say:

“What used to take me hours of tedium now takes me seven minutes. Thanks guys.” – Joseph R.”

“Judging by what I’ve learned and PUT INTO ACTION already, just from the livestream, this is not to
be missed. Particularly useful to established entrepreneurs who have a strategic plan, but who want to ramp things up massively.” – Nicola C.

“Thank you again for an awesome livestream. After it finished, I created a whole mindmap for my first product.” – Dr. Chrys G.”

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