Six Figure List Building from 14 Experts (On Sale!)

Kathleen Gage - Six Figure List Building

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to build a subscriber list with ease while others struggle with it? Lists that make them a lot of money?

There’s a very simple reason. They use systems.

To build a profitable list you must have certain systems in place.

Here’s one thing you can do to create a system: each and every day do one thing to drive a free high-value offer that people opt in for.

You can drive traffic by way of tweets, posting on your Facebook wall and Google+ announcements.

The challenge many people have is they try something for a short period of time but soon get distracted.

Here’s how to avoid this from happening. Set a goal of how many new subscribers you want over the next 90 days.

Let’s assume you want to increase your list by 250 per month. That would be 750 in 90 days.

This means you need to increase your list by approximately 8 new subscribers each day. With this in mind you track your numbers daily.

Each day you commit to doing something that will help you achieve your goal.

Not sure how to do this? 14 experts show you how. Men and women who make a great living because they have built highly responsive lists.

For only $7 per expert you can learn the best of the best on how to build a responsive list.

There’s only one thing. This is a special offer by the creator of Six Figure List Building Home Study course and it ends in a few days.

Grab your copy now.

When you join in on this eye-opening, life-changing home study course here’s a glimpse of what you will learn.

  1. How to track where your subscribers are coming from. Knowing this will help you to focus your future promotions efforts.
  2. How to Use Facebook Marketing to Attract Clients and Massively Grow Your List.
  3. How To Make Huge Profits With A Tiny List
  4. Creating Super Simple Lists That Generate Incredible Revenues
  5. Discover the $100,000 List Building Solution
  6. How to Build a Highly Responsive List Using Relationships and Strategic Branding
  7. Understand and Implement Remote Control List Building

When you get the program you also get a three-part training – Increase Your Revenues, Position and Expert Status Through the Power of Telesummits.

Don’t miss this, especially while it’s on sale for 67% off its regular price!

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