Final Notice: Market Samurai Half Price Discount Ending Soon

Market Samurai Half Off

I just wanted to let you know that this is your last chance to claim your Warrior Forum Special Offer “50% HALF PRICE Discount” on Market Samurai — along with your exclusive Rank Tracker bonuses (worth up to $270 per year.)

If You Invest In Market Samurai Before Friday Midnight 14th September (PST), You’ll:

  • Unlock your full version of Market Samurai for just $75 (That’s half price). When armed with Market Samurai you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips, allowing you to make wise SEO decisions – FAST!There are already over 65,770 people (including myself) using Market Samurai to dominate the competition in their markets. Which means if you’re in one of their markets, and you don’t already have Market Samurai working for you – then you’re going to be at a significant disadvantage!
  • Get instant access to Market Samurai’s brand new “Automatic” Rank Tracker. This means you can keep your finger on the pulse of your website. The next time Google deals a devastating blow like “Penguin”, you’ll be able to act quickly, and prevent your traffic, and your profits from being bled dry….And as a special Warrior Forum Special BONUS, you’ll also receive your:
    • FREE 50 Keyword White Belt Rank Tracking plan. Your FREE plan lets you track FIVE TIMES more keywords than the free plan you’ll get if you upgrade Market Samurai after midnight Friday the 14th September 2012. (To track this many keywords using similar services you’ll be forced to pay up to $270.00 per year!)
    • Further LIFETIME 50% half-price discount on all higher keyword Rank Tracking plans. Your exclusive discount allows you to track your rankings completely on autopilot, at less than a quarter of the price of similar services,saving you anywhere between $60.00 to $1188.00 every year! But only if you take action in the next few hours…

If You Don’t Invest In Market Samurai Before Midnight Friday The 14th September, Then:

  • You’ll have to pay the full retail price of $149 to register your full version of Market Samurai, and your access to the world’s cheapest rank tracking plans will be gone for good.
  • Your FREE keyword plan will drop from 50 keywords to just 10 keywords. This means if you ever need to track more than 10 keywords in the future, you’ll have to pay a minimum of $10 a month to get the same 50 FREE Keywords that you’d get for FREE if you take action today.
  • You’ll lose forever your LIFETIME 50% half-price discount on all higher keyword plans. Meaning, if you ever need to track more than 50 keywords in the future you’ll have no choice but to pay the full retail price (which will be DOUBLE the special discounted prices that you’ll lock in if you take action today).

How Do You Take Advantage Of This Offer?

To join over 65,770 online business owners who are already armed with Market Samurai to navigate their way through the rough seas of Google’s search results, click the link below while you still can.

This is absolutely your final chance to snap up your half price discount on Market Samurai, along with your exclusive FREE Rank Tracker Bonuses (worth up to $270 a year). This offer will expire at MIDNIGHT Friday 14 September (PST) – That’s just a few hours from now.

Registering your full version of Market Samurai also unlocks your swiss army knife of powerful internet marketing tools, including:

    1. SEO Competition module – analyse the strength of competition in your niche, and weed out the 90% of keywords which are impossible for you to rank for
    2. Keyword Research module – find the gold nugget keywords to dominate in your niche
    3. Automatic Rank Tracker module – a powerful feedback mechanism that reveals the effectiveness of your SEO efforts in real time.
    4. Domain module – choose a domain that’ll boost your rankings in the search engines
    5. Find Content module – research articles, and find content to republish immediately
    6. Promotions module – build high-authority backlinks to improve your site ranking
    7. Monetization module – turn traffic into cash with instant affiliate ads, published straight to your site
    8. First Class Training – simple and easy to follow tutorials that will catapult you from beginner to pro in no time
    9. Priority Support – contact our helpdesk with any questions, and receive a personalized priority response

Don’t miss out! Your half price discount on Market Samurai will be gone at Friday MIDNIGHT 14th September.

Claim Your 50% HALF PRICE Market Samurai Discount + Your Rank Tracker Bonuses Now!

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