Mage Monster – Second Chance!

I don’t know if you’ve been following this…but earlier this week Mage Monster was released to the general public, and sold out all of its 500 licenses within 48 hours.

What happened after that can be described as a little bit of a scene as hordes of angry customers wrote Greg Jacobs telling them that they had been sold on getting Mage Monster (the product of the year) and it was snatched of the market before they were able to get their copy.

So, if you checked the link anytime up until now, you’d have seen that Greg had a big sold out page, meaning you could no longer buy Monster.

Fast forward to a few hours ago go…a solution was reached. It was determined that if 50 more licenses were opened today, then Mage Monster could handle this while still being true to all involved.

So this is the deal. As of right now, the sales page is open again.

If you were one of the hundreds of customers that emailed Greg trying to get in, then go to the link right now and get your copy.

When Greg opened up Mage Monster in 2010, he had to shut it down in 38 minutes, and didn’t take any more customers until this week. You can be sure that after the extra 50 licenses are sold, that you won’t have a chance to get your hands on the most powerful software in Internet Marketing.

Get Mage Monster Now!

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