Greg Jacobs – Monster Mage Interactive Demonstration

If you’ve seen any of Greg Jacobs Mage Monster pre-launch, you’ll know by now that he does things a little differently.

Today he’s taking it one step further, and is showing you a full no-holds-barred interactive demonstration of the complete Monster Software Suite.

If you wanted to know exactly what you can get when it’s released to the general public tomorrow, then I strongly suggest you watch this video now.

It’s not often that you get to see inside the guts of a system before you invest. Monster is the most complete and comprehensive system out there on the market today, and you need to give this a “good look” to see if it’s right for you.

There’s no opt-in to watch the demo…just click on the link and be amazed.

Oh yeah…after you watch the video, at the bottom of the page he has a form where you can get on the “early list”. If you have any interest, make sure you sign up for the list, because Greg is only going to release 500 copies of Mage Monster, and most of them will probably go to people on the early list…

Watch the Monster Mage Interactive Demo Now!

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