The Feminine Shift – Women Making a Difference and Profiting at the Same Time

Through the years, I’ve worked with many very successful business people (both inside and out of Internet Marketing), and they’ve all had their own unique talents and abilities.

I’ve begun to notice that in the last 12-24 months, however, something very interesting is happening in the role of women as entrepreneurs.

You might have already seen an email go out about this remarkable teleconference being held by Shanda Sumpter and Maria Andros called “The Feminine Shift”.

These women mean business. Shanda was able to profit in excess of $100 million in real estate through developer contracts, and Maria, who’s also known as “The Video Marketing queen” has attracted almost a million dollars in sales, and a million views to her videos.

As the world crumbles, families break up, and jobs are lost, women are rising out of the dust stronger, wealthier, and happier than ever before.

Shanda and Maria have agreed to give you, as a gift, access to 24 of the top experts & leaders in the business to help you shift your mindset. This is equivalent to a $25,000 mentor mastermind group.

Watch the video, and learn how you can get started now.

Bringing a whole new approach to feminine business, with women in mind, and knowing that they are not built to do business like a man, I found this refreshing.

Make the shift of the new way of business for women, yourself!

I don’t know if and when Shanda and Maria will ever offer this again, so get registered today!

Note: If you think because you’re a guy who’s reading this that you should just move on, then think again. Maybe you’ll pick up some great tips!  Plus, you’d be surprised that a lot of your market is probably women!

Get Access to the Free Teleseminar Series Now!

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