Income CPR – Nicole Dean Shows You how it’s Done

Anyone can create an info product, and then call it done. I mean, thousands of people do it every day,and they might even make some money from it.

But what if I told you that with a little bit of extra effort you have the ability to turn your info product into a tidy little profit?

Here’s the thing…You already know what you should do (you’ve written your ebook or started your membership site) and you even know why you should do it (to educate your audience and make money).

But, do you really know HOW you should get your ebook to your audience in a way that will not only have you making money all day long – but will also have your audience – the people on your list – waiting with money in hand for your next info product?

Well, Nicole Dean does.

As a matter of fact, she’s been doing it since 2007 with great success. If you don’t know Nicole, you should stop reading and go Google her name right now.

You’ll see that Nicole makes a really good six figure income from her information product empire (as well as other diversified income streams). She knows what it takes to successfully market a quality product, and she’s ready to take you by the hand and behind the scenes of her own business to show you exactly how she does it in her Information Products: Uncovered course.

Now, you could continue on as you’re doing, and keep getting the same results you’re getting.

However, Nicole is offering to help you avoid painful marketing mistakes that are costing you…lost sales, lost customers, lost opportunities.

Nicole just opened the doors, and for a limited time you can get complete access to her Information Products: Uncovered for only $10 a month.

Considering she charges $500 an hour for her consulting services, I’d say that’s a great deal.

For your $10 a month, you get:

  • A monthly lesson showcasing step by step one particular facet of her very successful online business, including case studies and tips for applying her steps to YOUR business. (Real emails from real super affiliates showing you how they get the job done. The case studies are worth the price alone.)
  • Full access to ask questions about the monthly content and have them answered the following month; (You get to ask questions that you need answered – that’s almost like having Nicole as your very own business adviser.)
  • Free submission access to, so she can recruit affiliates for you (if you have an affiliate program, then you know how valuable this perk is!)

And if I know Nicole…she’ll be sharing a ton of really cool stuff, some of which she hasn’t even thought of yet. If you’ve ever purchased one of her products or services, then you know she always goes above and beyond.

Your membership begins the minute you sign up, and I don’t want you missing a single month of the information Nicole has to share with you, so get signed up right away so that you won’t have to kick yourself later.

So what’s it going to be? Towing the line and making a few sales each month, or stepping things up, putting in a little extra work, and doing what it takes to create your very own six figure information product business?

Only you can make it happen. Take action today!

Join Income CPR Now!

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