Nicole Dean – Quality PLR Reports

The other day I wrote about PLR, and had a great link to a free PLR FAQ so that you could get all of your questions about PLR answered.

If you’ve read it, you know that PLR can be very helpful with almost any type of online business…but it can be hard to find quality PLR. That’s why I want to mention Nicole Dean, and talk about her PLR. As I have personally used it in the past for some of my other websites, I can tell you that it is great quality.

You might wonder what types of PLR you can find…so I wanted to list some of the quality PLR Reports that Nicole is selling on her site right now. The great thing about it is that she’ll only sell a certain amount (usually 100), and after that, she won’t sell any more. Plus, the prices are VERY reasonable…and you can do a LOT with the content.

Here are just some of the reports she’s currently selling:

  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Running for Fitness and Fun
  • 50 Ways to Save Money
  • Blogging Basics for Success
  • Hiring Subcontractors in your Virtual Assistant Business
  • Just say NO to Work-at-Home Stress
  • Living a Heart Healthy Life: A Guide to Longevity & Good Health
  • …and a lot more.

Imagine what you could do with these reports. If you had a health type blog, you could take some of these and break them up into posts or emails with great content…or even use one as a way to get someone to sign up to your newsletter!

If you’re looking for great quality PLR Reports (as well as articles or eCourses), I strongly suggest taking a look at the site below. You’ll find some great content that you’ll be able to more than get your money’s worth out of.

Why wait until next year to really get going with your business?

Check out Nicole’s PLR Reports Here!

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