Ryan Deiss – Black Friday Facebook Traffic Bootcamp 2010

Busy on Black Friday? If not, Ryan Deiss is holding an Online Bootcamp that you just won’t want to miss. He’s going to show you (along with 4 other Facebook Traffic Experts) everything they know about Facebook!

Plus, he’s going to donate the entire price you pay (which is only $7.00) to Make-a-Wish.

Who’s on the panel? Ryan Deiss of course, as well as Kate Buck, Shane Stearns, Laura Betterly, and Julian Farley.

They’re all Facebook guru’s, and will be able to help you make more money using Facebook. What’s incredible is that he’s only charging $7.00 to do it – and he’s even donating the $7.00! You have nothing to lose here.

If you’re going to be out shopping on Black Friday, don’t worry, you’re not out of luck. He’ll have a replay that night, so you can still get in on the action.

If that’s not enough, he’ll bribe you to help these kids. He’ll give you his $197 Facebook AdPower training when you register for his Black Friday Bootcamp for only $7.00…plus he’ll still give the $7.00 to Make-a-Wish.

Make sure you get in on this before it fills up!

Sign up for the $7.00 Black Friday Facebook Traffic Bootcamp Now!

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