5 Things You Don’t Know about Link Liberation 2

If you didn’t watch the video release yesterday, there are probably still a few things that you don’t know about Leslie Rohde and Dan Thies’s Link Liberation 2.0.

LL2 is the new course/software that Dan and Les have just opened for new students for a limited tie. It’s a game changer when it comes to how businesses will get backlinks from now on.

But here is a list of 5 things that you don’t know about Link Liberation unless you watched their video:

  1. It’s 12 weeks of training. Not just about link building…but SEO basics, content creation – even outsourcing so you can hire other people to do all the work for you.
  2. Dan and Leslie are part of the program. They’re there all 12 weeks, in the members’ forums, and on the group coaching calls.
  3. There’s software. So as you learn the methods, you can immediately implement them in their custom built software. Plus, it’s flexible enough to give access to groups of outsourcers so that they can do the busy work for you.
  4. A 30 day guarantee. You’ll have 5 modules of content before you even have to decide to keep it. If you change your mind, you get a full, no hassle refund.
  5. It’s affordable. You can pre-pay for access for one year and save 30%. Or you can go with the monthly subscription and just pay as you go.

I think this is a killer offer, and is hard to refuse. It’s worth checking out just to see how top notch marketing is done. If you want full details on any of the topics above, everything you need to know is in the video.

It’s a live course…delivered directly by Les and Dan. That means that even if they don’t fill up (which they should), they still have to close the doors to start the course. So if getting top search ranks is a struggle for you, act fast. Just watch this and decide.

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