Link Liberation – Dan Thies Lays the SEO Groundwork for You

Those SEO big-brains, Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde are back today with yet another mind expanding free video tutorial. And this time, they want to set the record straight.

You see, some SEO “experts” might tell you that you can’t go after the big sites that rank for the big words. They might say that you need to settle for the scraps of traffic you can scrape together from the long tail keywords.

This video proves different, and it’s all a matter of creating a solid foundation to build on. Don’t doubt it for a second, because these guys have built a career of helping the Davids in the online business world go after one Goliath after another. The key is in the “ranking factors” that Dan reveals in today’s free training video.

Does it work? You don’t have to take my word for it, and you don’t even have to take Dan or Leslie’s either…

How many other guys can get dozens(!) of their students to go on camera and share real results?

After you watch this, you’re going to SERIOUSLY re-consider those dreams of capturing page 1 in Google for those high traffic keywords…because you CAN.

This is actually video 3 in a series, but guess what…if you get this one, you get them all. So you haven’t lost anything but time if your competitors have watched it first. No more time to lose…make the time to watch them now.

Watch the Free Link Liberation Video Now!

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