Attend Jeff Mills Boost Seminar!

One of the common threads of the marketers who make 5, 6, and 7 figure incomes online is that they go to live continuing education events that teach you about how to make more money online through Internet Marketing.

Jeff Mills is hosting one of these types of events October 22nd – 24th, 2010 in Minneapolis, MN. It’s the last one he’s going to do in Minnesota, and it looks like it is his best speaker line up ever.

He’s calling it his BOOST Seminar.

Ticket prices are $97.00 for the entire 3 days, and the price doubles on Friday, October 1st. So you need to take action today to claim your ticket.

There are other seminars going on right now, and they’re charging you $497 to $5,000 to hear the same speakers…so why pay more?

Jeff has some amazing bonuses, plus he’s letting you bring a guest along this year 100% free…but you have to get your ticket now.

Some of the amazing speakers coming include: Rick Raddatz, Mike Hill, Vince Tan, Daven Michaels, Shaun Stenning, Jani Ghaffor, Paul Lemberg, Noah St. John, and more.

Speakers are from 5 different countries, many are underground millionaires with topics that you haven’t heard about. Get the fast track advantage.

Jeff has everything laid out perfectly on his site. If you want to boost your profits, connections, and Internet Marketing knowledge, going to live events and seminars like this is the best thing you can do.

Networking is key!

I hear that flights to Minnesota are cheap this time of year, so get your ticket, flights, and hotel reserved…or you’ll miss out due to the sell out about to take place.

Go to the Jeff Mills Boost Seminar!

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