Ugly Duckling Sales Letter

You might think that the better a website looks, the more sales you will make. It turns out that Ryan Deiss has proved that theory very wrong!

Ryan Deiss has a free video that you can watch, called “Death of the Salesletter”, and in it he shares how if you’re using a regular long format salesletter right now to sell anything…you’re losing out.

Not only are you losing out on hundreds of sales, but you’re wasting a lot of time!

Ryan has done a lot of testing with video salesletters, and has realized that with video (especially ugly video that doesn’t take very long to make) he makes 3x as many sales…and he can have a video done in a day, instead of the 3-4 weeks it takes a copywriter to write your salesletter. Plus, you can do it yourself, instead of having to spend the money for a copywriter!

Now don’t go thinking that you need to have all of these technical skills, or be able to make pretty videos.

Actually, Ryan thinks you’re better off with “Ugly duckling video sales letters”, which have text and voice only…and it doesn’t even have to be your voice.

Why should you use Ryan’s Ugly Duckling video sales letters?

  1. The web has gone multimedia…people love watching videos!
  2. Video salesletters are far more gripping and hypnotic than print.
  3. The psychological sequence of his 12-step template.
  4. Creating video sales letters using his system is fast and easy.

You really need to watch Ryan’s video. He goes through step by step how to create these videos…all for free!

Watch Ryan’s Free Video & Learn How To Create Video Sales Letters

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