Mark Joyner’s New InfoProduct Creation Kit – True Stories and Embarrassing Footage

You’ve probably heard of Mark Joyner before. He’s the founder of Simpleology, and has some really great courses.

Well boy did he mess up big time, and he even has some embarrassing footage to prove it!

He created a new product, and then did all this video footage for the product, and then realize that he named it completely wrong! He called it a 14-day Info product creation kit, but all these people are getting their entire website, product, and sales letters up in less than a day!

Of course it’s too late to go back and change everything – but that means that you can go see how he messed up in the video below!

The product isn’t even for sale yet, so there’s nothing to buy…just a short free video to watch.

Watch Mark Joyner’s Embarrassing Footage!

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