Free All Day Webcast by Main Street Marketing

Sometimes it’s really hard to figure out the core value of something, especially when there’s so much talk about it.

Here’s what I mean…Everyone is talking about Main Street Marketing, and you might not know if it’s a legitimate course or not.

But, Mike Koenigs, has an interesting solution for this.

For 7 hours today, he’s going to do a LIVE, high definition webcast and answer questions about Main Street Marketing.

This is really cool, because you’ll get to hear real world experience from several Main Street Marketing Machine graduates – people who are out there working with small businesses.

It’s totally free. No opt-in or anything.

Sorry for the late notice, Mike just decided to do this…but I’m glad he’s willing to be so committed to helping people make a rational decision. It’ll be going on until 8pm EST tonight.

Join the Free Webinar Now!

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