Russell Brunson’s 12 Month Millionaire – Free MP3 Player and Free 10k 1-Day Workshop!


Russell Brunson and Vince James are going to GIVE you a $197 pre-loaded mp3 player today. Really…it’s completely free. This mp3 player has a 6-hour coaching call with Vince, who is a high school dropout who made over 100 million dollars in 23 months.

For the next few days (or until he runs out), he is GIVING them away. You read that correctly. He wants to help people get to where he is in life…making money and not having to worry about paying bills.

While I think that it’s a great deal, Russell wants to make this a no brainer. He has now added more bonuses if you get your free mp3 player by Wednesday night.

Here’s what you’ll also get with your FREE mp3 player:

  • 1 ticket to a private 1 day, $10,000 workshop in Russell’s office.
  • If you can’t make it, you can watch it streaming from home.
  • If you sign up by Wednesday at Midnight, you’ll also get RESALE rights to this workshop!

Yes. Russell will turn this seminar into a $1,000 physical course, and you’ll get resale rights to it. So not only will you get your free mp3 player with 6 hours of useful information on how to make money online…you’ll also receive a free 1 day workshop (worth $10,000) at Russell’s office, and you’ll be able to SELL that workshop afterwords. How crazy is that?

Get your FREE MP3 Player Now!

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