Jeff Johnson – Free SEO Software


Jeff Johnson is giving away FREE SEO software, and training on how to use it. People pay $297 for this kind of stuff, but Jeff is giving it away for free.

Not only that, but it’s version 2.0, which just came out. So you know that this this is an updated version that is even better than the last one. It will help you bring free targeted traffic to your website.

Another thing I like about this, is that Jeff Johnson is completely honest about why he’s giving away this software. He tells you right on his website that he’s giving it away to prove to you that his stuff works. He wants to show you what great stuff he has…so that when you see what you get for FREE, you’ll know that if you pay for something that he offers, it’ll be even better. I think it’s great that he just comes out and tells you that.

If you’re looking to get help with getting free targeted traffic to your website, along with the training to know how it works, this is what you need to take a look at.

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