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Blog Energizer 2016

I just downloaded my yearly free blog planner and calendar from Lynette Chandler.

This is the 8th year she’s doing this, and it turns out the 4th time I’ve gotten it!

What do I like best about it? (Besides the fact that it didn’t cost me a dime?)

It makes it easier to plan what I’m going to blog about.

If you sit in front of your WordPress screen and wonder what to write about, you’re not alone. Coming up with ideas on the fly can be difficult!

But if you have it all planned out, it’s a lot easier and will take a lot less of your time.

That’s where the free blog planner & calendar come in.

It helps you come up with what you’re going to post each day, email, and more.

On top of that, she also tells you interesting facts about what each day and week can be. So for example, December is “Write a Friend Month.” So if your blog has anything to do with friends or writing, you might want to talk about it. The first week of December is “Cookie Cutter Week”. If you have a food blog, or a blog where you talk about kitchen stuff, or even a kids blog, talking about cookie cutter week could be something that fits for you!

I never would have known many of these days or weeks if it wasn’t for the planner and calendar that Lynette puts together each year.

If you don’t plan out what you’re going to post, why not download the free planner and try it for a month?

I have a feeling after you see how easy it is (and how organized your posts become), you’ll want to keep using it!

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but you can print the pages out, or you can just type in the document! So it’s nice and easy to use.

I just wanted to share it since I’ve enjoyed using it before, and was looking forward to getting the one to start planning for 2016!

Hopefully we can make 2016 an even better year than this one.

Download your Free Blog Planner & Calendar for 2016 Now!

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