How to Make Money Running a Challenge!

Run a Challenge

Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold of CoachGlue just released a new “Teach Your Tribe” package, and if you’re trying to earn more each month as well as grow your community, you’re going to want to see this.

It’s called “How to Quickly Grow Your Cash, Your Community, and Your Clout by Running a Challenge”.

Challenges are really popular lately, and that’s for a good reason. People know that it is only for a limited time, and so they give their all to it and achieve something they might not have thought they could achieve. It’s a win for everyone.

They achieve their goal, and think highly of you for doing the challenge in the first place!

Right now I’m doing the 100 Day Challenge, and even though I’m only on day 5, I can see how being a part of a challenge really gets you to do more. I’ve been a part of other short term challenges too, and they have helped as well. I plan on running my own challenge sometime soon, as I can see what a great idea it is.

You’ll get a ton of stuff, and as usual you can edit/change anything you want.

You get:

  • The step by step webinar/teleclass/workshop script which shows you exactly how to run a challenge.
  • Worksheet
  • 4-week done for you calendar
  • Action checklist
  • Resource directory
  • 21 ideas blueprint
  • 58 Powerpoint slides to present your content through webinars, classes, and workshops.

Even if you’re not sure you are interested, check this out if for no other reason than to see how much content they are giving you. You’ll be impressed, believe me!

Nicole and Melissa always overdeliver. The content in this package (as well as every other one they put out) will really help you with your business!

Learn How to Run a Challenge Now!

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