Profits Vault 2013 is Now Availble from Jimmy D. Brown (See Bonuses!)

Jimmy D Brown - Profits Vault 2013

Have you heard Jimmy D. Brown’s story?

Just thirteen years ago, Jimmy made his first sale on the Internet. The story is well documented. It was $12.95 and he actually hand-keyed the credit card details into the processing machine from his small retail store.

His wife, Paula, was pregnant with their son Jacob. They had no idea if this whole “Internet business” thing would ever work and he was a bit overwhelmed with providing for his young family in this manner.

Jacob is almost a teenager now (will turn 13 in November) and has grown into a pretty cool young man. Jimmy ran a 100 mile race a few weeks ago (finished in 22 hours, 16 minutes … good for 10th place overall!) and Jacob ran with him the last 17 miles.

Since 2010 Jimmy has created a special PLR (private label rights) licensing package each anniversary to celebrate that special date. This year is no exception.

This year marks 13 years as a full-time Internet marketer for Jimmy and he has put together a “lucky 13” assembly of some of his best materials and never-before-released content.

You can get all the details below.

In addition to the new stuff he’s put together, here’s what makes this year’s offer so great:

It includes the 2010 edition, 2011 edition, and 2012 edition at no additional cost!

Over 1,000 pages of archived internet marketing content is included in those three additional packages.

PLUS, there is another mega “fast action” bonus for the next 100 who order this year’s package.

Start making your mark. If he can do it, we all can.

Get Profits Vault 2013 Now!

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