How to Get a Free info-Summit Ticket + Free Dave Dee Training Today!

Dan Kennedy Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint

GKIC just announced a HUGE bonus for taking action on The Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint: a FREE Ticket to the 2013 Info-SUMMIT on November 7-9th in Chicago, IL! That’s a $2,990 bonus for investing in the blueprint!?!

The Info-SUMMIT is the ONE and ONLY event for those that have and those that wan to Liberate their lifestyles through Information Marketing. Each and every year, GKIC swings open the doors to the “secret world of info-marketing” open wide and invites folks to come and… well, they do! The Info-SUMMIT attracts successful owners of all kinds of businesses (many of whom you met in this video series) – men and women just like you – who come, meet and mingle, and grow from one another.

You can see all the details on the Blueprint here…and why they can easily charge up to $2,997 to attend – and why I am so excited that you could get this absolutely FREE.

If you still aren’t sure, I have one more thing for you!

This afternoon, Dave Dee is going to host a special internet TV show where he’s going to talk with over a dozen people just like you and me who’ve made it big in info-marketing.

During this event Dave’ll extract the exact steps these guys took to start and grow their businesses..and how they were able to generate HUGE incomes in minimum time.

It will be broadcast live on the internet from 1pm ET – 7pm ET. It’s a full day of Dave and some incredible guests LIVE online.

Here’s the link for that event.

Let me give you glimpse of some of the other guests that will be appearing:

– Rich Schefren: (founder of Strategic Profits) who spends each morning writing from the beach! Find out how he does it!

– Yanik Silver: Serial entrepreneur, Author, Adventurer who built a 7-figure internet business with a few hundred dollars as a ‘techno-dunce’

– Dustin Mathews and Dave VanHoose (founders of The Speaking Empire) will share their secrets to presenting in front of large groups

– Craig Ballantyne: (Owner of Early To Rise) will reveal “insider” secrets he learned selling one of the most popular fitness products and behind the scenes secrets that have grown Early To Rise.

– Chris Farrell: Currently has the #1 Internet Coaching Program will share how he was earning over $1,000/day within 9 months of starting his business.

– Robert Skrob: (Executive Director of the Information Marketing Association) Will reveal the steps you need to take right now to achieve your OWN info-marketing profit windfall.

– Charlie McDermott: Will share his most potent strategies for implementing video marketing that will send rabid BUYERS racing to your door!

– Carrie Wilkinson (The Barefoot Executive) will share her blueprint that built an empire helping work at home professionals.

– Ari Galper: (Creator of Unlock the Game) A quick and easy way to consistently close more sales using trust.

– Andrew Cass: (Creator of the Cash Control) will share how you can sell more with less resistance – thus making more money!

– Loral Langemeier: (Founder of Live Out Loud) will reveal how she started her company in 2002 and grew it to a $19 million company within 5 years!

It’s all LIVE, unscripted and uncensored. I can’t believe that Dave got all of these people into one place at one time. This is huge!

Join Him Here This Afternoon!

To find out more on how you can claim a FREE Info-Summit Ticket with your purchase of The Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint go and…

Get the Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint Now!

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