Why You Need to Join MyNams Now!

David Perdew - MyNams

In case you don’t know what MyNams is…I’ll get to that in a second.

What you need to know NOW is that the MyNams price is going up 135% on February 10th, so if you’ve ever considered joining, NOW is the time, as your price won’t go up.

You can’t put it off anymore…or you’ll be paying the price.

Now, you may have a question:

What is MyNams?

The MyNams Total Business System is a membership which offers you what you need to succeed in your online business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or you’re already making a full time living online.

That’s what’s great about MyNams. They have 4 different tracks, from NAMS100 (complete beginners) up to the NAMS400 (full time but want to learn more) level.

So you’ll be able to learn at your pace, and at your level.

As far as training goes, each week they have new, in-depth sessions you can watch. As a member, you don’t have to be on the call live, but can watch them whenever you want. There are sessions on getting more done in less time, maximizing video marketing, writing your Kindle book, creating a community, and so much more that I just can’t list it all.

Besides the live training, there is also a tutorial library with more than 1,300 tutorials. This will help you with all the “tech” stuff that might not be so easy, like using WordPress, Photoshop, cPanel, and more.

They have accountability groups and forums, which is great because sometimes you just need to be held accountable, or need to ask a question.

…and of course, there is a 30-day money back guarantee…so if MyNams isn’t everything you think it should be, you can get your money back.

I’ve been a member for quite a while now, and still haven’t gotten through all of the training available. I have to say I love getting emailed each week with what new training will be available though, and know you will feel the same way.

Now…back to pricing. Right now, a month is only $19.97 – and you can pay less than that if you pay for the quarter or the year.

But after February 10th, the pricing will look VERY different. One month will cost $47. Big difference, right?

It’s more than worth it…but why pay that much if you don’t have to?

Check it out now, while the price is still $19.97.

Join MyNams Now!

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