Free Training: How to Create Auto-Responders in 9 Minutes or Less

Dan Kennedy - Create Email in 9 Minutes

Ever since Dan Kennedy launched his Ultimate Lead Generation Machine, the Internet has been buzzing, all of a sudden people are racing to set up their own Lead Generation Machines!

Last week, Dan had his best student and GKIC’s Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dee conduct a training called “How to Create a Lead Magnet in 3 Hours or Less” and since then they have been swamped with emails/faxes/phone calls all asking for more.

This is great! We have gotten so many people on board with the power of using Lead Generation Magnets… but many were asking to hear the real dirt on what it takes to follow up with an email sequence that brings home the bacon…. And Dan doesn’t like to disappoint!

So he asked Dave Dee to give you one FINAL training session on this mission-critical piece of the profit puzzle – writing persuasive emails that can literally generate sales like M-A-G-I-C!

In fact, he is calling this training session:

“How to Write Subliminally Persuasive Emails that Generate Sales Like Magic in 9 Minutes or Less!”

It’s LIVE, it’s packed with useful top-notch information, and it’s happening LIVE tonight – Thursday October 18th at 8PM ET. And you are invited.

During this LIVE Internet Training, Dave will peel back the covers to let you in on the Psychic Sales Secrets he’s used over and again to craft killer emails in less time than it would take to get that double tall skinny latte at Starbucks. During this training, you’ll discover:

  • How to leverage the “Regis Philbin” principle into your own email messages… and by doing so create a powerful subconscious connection with the reader they can’t possibly resist!
  • The 5 most effective types of emails to send when you really want to drive home the point that NOW is the time to get off the fence and buy!
  • A MASSIVE mistake most marketers make when writing emails to their lists… a gross error that seems logical but instead erects a huge sales barrier!
  • Subject line secrets that guarantee your emails will get noticed, opened, and read from start to finish!
  • Shameless, downright sneaky tricks used by the “Kings of Copy” to generate killer sales emails in mere moments… you won’t believe how truly easy it will be once you learn these tactics!
  • …And a lot more!

You don’t want to miss this… Dave is a master of writing sales emails and he has saved his very best for last with this LIVE Internet Event – so make sure you join! And since this live – you will be able to ask your questions during the training!

Click here to Learn How To Write Emails In 9 Minutes or Less!

I heard that there were over 1,000 people on last weeks training and they were all clamoring to get a copy of Dave’s notes …. I can only imagine the response for this one.

Again, here is where you can Learn How To Write Emails In 9 Minutes or Less!


P.S. I need to give you a quick, IMPORTANT heads up…

Mere moments after closing the cart Monday night the Dan’s office started getting hammered with calls/emails/faxes from a host of folks saying they’d only JUST heard about the “Ultimate Lead Generation Machine” – and by the time they got to the video series to watch, the cart had closed…

… the key message HERE was folks were asking “please please please”

Well, if people were that crazy for a Machine…Dan thought we should make an exception for everybody.

So here’s the good news…

…Dan is going to re-open The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine cart webpage for orders for another two days (now through Midnight Friday October 19th.)

Click here to take advantage of this good news.

If you’ve already got The Machine, good for you – so let a friend know that we’re (very briefly) offering more…because, mark my words…


No more Machines for now – and never again at this price with this “big bundle of bonuses” (say that fast three times).

Click here for this last opportunity to get Dan’s Ultimate Lead Generation Machine.

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