Last Chance to ask Ultimate Lead Generation Machine Questions

Ultimate Lead Generation Machine Questions

For the last few days, I’ve been sharing a lot of BIG news – and details of a lot of BIG events – all centered around Dan Kennedy’s new “Ultimate Lead Generation Machine.” which ends today.

A lot of you out there have had a lot of questions about The Machine – and they’ve tried to answer them all (as well as share some vital secrets you wouldn’t get access to anywhere else).

But they’ve heard that many of you STILL want to know more.

Dan Kennedy usually doesn’t do this – but he wants to make sure you’re fully informed. So he’s added ONE LAST EVENT – where you can ask whatever questions you might still have LIVE.

You can find out more here.

Dan picked three of GKIC’s all-star marketers – Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dee, Executive Director of Marketing Darcy Juarez and VP of Business Development Aaron Halderman – will participate in a FREE 90 minute LIVE call TODAY, Monday, October 15th from 4:30 EDT – 5:30pm EDT

Yep, they’re giving up a hour of their day – because time is growing short and they want to make sure you know everything you want to know about lead generation and converting leads to paying customers.

Check it out. This is the LAST free event – and your last opportunity to get a peek inside the Kennedy marketing empire…. because it closes down at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

Hope you enjoy it!

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