Free Training: How to Create Your Sales Funnel in 3 Hours or Less

Dan Kennedy - Create a Sales Funnel in 3 Hours

There’s only one man Dan Kennedy trusts to teach his secrets – besides himself, of course. And that’s Dave Dee. Dave put Dan’s principles into action to turn his own life around – became a successful entrepreneur – and now proudly serves as Dan’s Chief Marketing Officer.

In other words, this guy knows his stuff.

And that’s why you’ll want to take advantage of an amazing opportunity tonight, Thursday, October 11th at 8 PM EDT – when Dave’s going to hold a special LIVE Internet Training on “How to Create an Online/Offline Lead Generation Magnet and Funnel in 3 Hours or Less.” Lots of great hard facts and figures – in an exclusive event that YOU now have access to. Dave’s going to reveal:

  • Mainstream marketing “Conventional Wisdom” that’s actually incredibly DUMB
  • Hidden Online and Offline Strategies to attract elite
  • How to create a top-to-bottom system that automatically generates and captures leads
  • The proven conversion techniques to wring top dollar from top customers
  • Using Automation to enjoy Passive Income and “build wealth while you sleep”

These are all essential elements of “The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine” that can be put to work for you. Dave’s giving you the details on just how it’s done – and in about as much time as it takes to watch a “Godfather” movie.

In other words, this is an offer you can’t refuse.

So definitely consider participating. This call is a valuable, no-cost opportunity to gain some profitable knowledge you won’t get anywhere else.


P.S. I know you’ll learn a lot, so make sure you sign up for this free training.

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