Ryan Deiss Free Report – Don’t Bet Against Amazon

Ryan Deiss - Write Your First Kindle Book This Weekend

Amazon spends $201.90 each to manufacture a single Kindle Fire. It sells for $199 and soon $149.


Kindle Books! As you probably know, the Kindle comes empty, and you get to fill them up once you buy them. If you didn’t know, the new one gets released next week. That’s why you need to be writing this weekend.

Here is how you could be a published author by Tuesday.

Get your FREE “Weekend Warrior” workbook below.

You’ll get the workbook PLUS 3 videos to keep you on task like a personal trainer over the long weekend.

With this information and just a few hours… you’ll be a published author!

Imagine how proud you’ll be on Tuesday!

By the way…do you know how much it costs to launch a physical book when your Kindle book is successful?

It’s less than you think. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Right now, you need to get to writing.

Go get the free weekend workbook:

Get Your FREE “Weekend Warrior” Workbook Now!

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