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Instant Customer Revolution - Free Webcast

Your Saturday just got a lot more awesome!

Make sure you show up and find out how you can win $3,000 and a 30-minute personal consultation giving legendary marketer, Frank Kern marketing advice!

He’ll also be giving away a new iPad, Kindle Fire and AppleTV AND you’ll have a chance to meet some of the most amazingly successful members of Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer, Main Street Marketing Machines, FirePower, and Social Media Marketing Machines kickoff a content-rich, Instant Customer Revolution training webcast where they all share what they do to make big bucks FAST.

TIME & DATE: Saturday, June 2

12:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST
2:00 pm – 11:00 pm CST
3:00 pm – 12:00 am EST
8:00 pm – 4:00 am GMT (Sunday)

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Here are a few of the special guests that will join Mike today and share their incredible stories of transformation and income generation:

Success Case Study #1 – Dr. Marc and Charlie Seymour Jr.

Entrepreneurial psychologist, Dr. Marc Kossmann and video-crazed MBA marketer, Charlie Seymour Jr. started their own marketing agency less than two years ago. They’re going to reveal how they get the leads, convert them into customers and have quintupled what they started charging their clients.

Success Case Study #2 – Jean Scally

Mike will interview Jean and she’ll describe “The Grand Opener Technique” – how you can help ANY retail business hit the ground running by building their list and getting the word out BEFORE they even open their doors. Jean helped a local restaurant PACK the place the first day it was open and for the next couple of weeks there were LINES OF PEOPLE STRETCHED AROUND THE CORNER waiting to get in while other restaurants next door were empty! Jean will share where she’s getting customers and reveal how she’s getting paid thousands for a few hours of work.

Success Case Study #3 – Johnny Schrunk, 7 Figure Business Secrets

Just over a year ago Johnny started with “Social Media Marketing Machines” (included in the ‘Best of Box’) after having gone from earning six-figures a year in a family business to ZERO. After starting with the system, he closed his first client in one day after a meeting on a school bus with his son’s class. Johnny will talk about how he’s cracked making SIX FIGURES IN A SINGLE MONTH!

Lead Generation Strategy – Paul Colligan

How to Launch a Kindle Bestseller in only 2 Weeks and Build a List of Buyers for Any Business. This brilliant marketing strategy can be used by any business person to establish yourself as an expert or authority on any topic and leverage the hundreds of millions of people Amazon attracts every month to build your business or your clients’ business!

Success Case Study #4 – Chris Bole, Real Estate Marketing Strategies

In only 9 months Chris Bole has generated big bucks in setup fees from his clients and currently has recurring income he’ll reveal in an interview every month and growing. Chris has even brought his Mom into his business and she is having a great time reaching out to new businesses that need Chris’s help. Chris will share how he’s using Instant Customer to sell real estate and sold a property for cash in 12 days while building a buyers list of over 70 people in a few weeks when most homes were on the market for six months or longer.

Success Case Study #5 – Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards was working full time as a Starbucks Coffee District Manager and part time with her husband David and his business. After signing up for “Main Street Marketing Machines” (included in the “Best of Box”), Michelle has picked up clients in all sorts of industries who are paying her setup fees and hundreds of dollars every month on continuity including parking lots, hotels and trade shows.

Success Case Study #6 – Robert John Hughes, Reinventing a Radio Station

Robert is co-owner of San Diego’s independent rock station 102.1 KPRI. Find out how Robert took his radio station from nearly going broke to being profitable within a year with Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer.

Success Case Study #7 – Jessie Schwartzburg Event Producer

Find out how Jessie uses Instant Customer for event notifications and how the system made a boatload of money in only 90 minutes at an event. Any business that does events or trade shows can use this strategy!

They’ll also include lots of hotseats, Q&A opportunities and your chance to meet six and seven-figure “All Stars” who’ve built their businesses with Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer and the “Best of Box” tools and resources.

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