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Membership To Go

I want you to use your “Internet business calculator” for just a few minutes to add up some
totals that are going to shock you.

“Internet business calculator” is a fancy way of saying “add these up in your head” 🙂

How long do you think it would take you to…

  • Research and choose a profitable niche
  • Determine an “in-demand” topic for a membership site
  • Write a professional sales letter
  • Research topics for member content
  • Write an entire YEAR’s worth of member content
  • Develop your marketing materials (presell report, articles, solos, etc.)
  • Create accessory pages for downloading, auto responder messages, etc.

Okay. Add the hours up and click the = button. What’s your total? How long would it take you to do the work?

Conservatively you’re looking at 100 hours. I mean, if you spent just TWO hours per week creating member content you’re on the hook for 104 hours for the year’s worth of member content.

So, let’s just say on the low end that you spend 100 hours. It’s probably going to be more than that, but we’ll keep it conservative.

Now, that’s 100 hours of WORK. That doesn’t include writer’s block, delays, mistakes, fine-tuning, your day job, etc. It will likely take WEEKS (if not months) to actually get those 100 hours of work DONE.

Building a membership site sounds great, but it often is anything but great.

For a lot of people it’s a frustrating, never-ending endeavor that they simply don’t complete.  The idea of regular, monthly residual income is wonderful. Getting those automatic rebills to the account each month gives you stable income and a sense of security among other things.

But getting the darn thing “live” and taking orders can be a chore!

That’s why buying a membership site is a nice alternative to building one. That’s why I’m super excited to tell you about Jimmy D. Brown’s new Membership To Go package!

Membership To Go is exactly what it sounds like: a complete “ready-go-to” membership site that you slap your name on and setup at your site. You get private label rights to a year’s worth of membership content, a professionally written sales letter, presell report, articles and other marketing materials, etc. Everything you need to get started immediately!

That’s right, you get “private label rights” (PLR) to the entire package so you can put your own name on it and sell it as your own!

Get all the details below.

But HURRY, because…

Jimmy currently has a “fast action” bonus that THOUSANDS of other people have paid $324 to buy from him, that he’s including for free if you’re among the first to order.

The fast action bonus won’t last, so get the details now.

All the training you need to setup the Membership To Go package is included – but only if you order quickly to qualify for the fast action bonus. If you miss out on the bonus you’ll be responsible for learning how to set everything up on your own.

Get Membership To Go Now!

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