Make Money Helping Local Buinesses Go Online

Ryan Deiss Instant Local Traffic

How would you like to make money helping local businesses go online?

You’d help them get clients locally by helping them get on Google. You’ll even give them $100 credit to spend on Google AdWords!

In other words, you’d really be helping these local businesses make money!

You might wonder how you can do this…but Laura Betterly can teach you how, and she makes it easy.

Did you know that she has these local businesses calling HER? And that she can close her clients in just 16 seconds?

Really…so no cold calling potential clients…they call you! And then after your 16 second spiel, they either want to hire you, or they don’t…and Laura can close 80% of her prospects, so even if you can close only a fraction of that…wow!

Want to know how she does it?

Watch this video to find out. You’ll also learn how you can get 4 weeks of coaching on top of everything else!

Get Instant Local Traffic Now!

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