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Mike Koenigs - Cross Channel Mojo

Traditional marketing just might be dead – and this video will tell you why.

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Mike Koenigs used to be part of the 99%. Then he went on a product-development rampage, created a BUNCH of easy-to-use online marketing programs, and has made a great living helping small businesses grow.

And he’s made an entire FREE video series showing you the hidden truths behind quickly building profitable relationships with media channels OTHER than just email.

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Here’s the back story – Database giant, Oracle, conducted a survey in 2011.

It revealed 78% of consumers are using two or more communication channels before making a buying decision. Thirty percent use three or more.

If you’re limiting your business to just a single marketing channel, you’re missing leads and losing sales.

Now is the time to reverse the negative trends affecting your business growth.

The information covered in these videos will have you leveraging numerous marketing channels in powerful, profitable ways.

And the best part of Mike’s approach is that you actually spend LESS time & energy than what you’re doing now.

PLUS, he’s going to show you how to avoid buying another part of the “marketing Frankenstein” you’ve been slowly assembling.

Get away from that NASTY monster!

Be warned: This is forward-thinking stuff. This is what FORTUNE 500 companies are only JUST catching onto. (and spending a fortune on right now)

Seriously. Go check it out,

PS – Most people “sort of” understand what helps build client relationships. But “sort of” doesn’t build your wealth. The first in this series of FREE video courses is focused entirely on removing “sort of” and inserting “totally”!

Mike has created something completely NEW here. Click this link to discover what it’s all about.

PPS – Make sure you opt-in for this video series. In the second video, he’s going to demonstrate something REALLY COOL. You don’t want to miss it.

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