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Ryan Deiss Instant Local Traffic

By now you’ve probably heard a little bit about Ryan Deiss’ and Laura Betterly’s latest product, Instant Local Traffic.

There’s been a lot of buzz about it, and while you’ve probably heard some about Laura’s 16-second elevator close, or about the “Cheese and Whiskers” training you’ll receive, but don’t know much more.

I’m here to help share more of what you’ll learn when you get Instant Local Traffic.

But first, let me share with you what I think is the most incredible part.

Beyond everything else, you’ll get 4 weeks of hands on coaching with Laura and her staff. Each week, they’ll hop on the phone, and answer any questions you have. From what I hear, her calls can last for hours, because they stay on until everyone has their questions answered.

Now onto what you will get with Instant Local Traffic:

  • The Fast Start Call – a 30 minute overview of the entire process that gives you everything you need to get started. This includes the big secret of the marketing audit, and how to effectively outsource all of the work.
  • Local Traffic Training – You’ll get in-depth 3 hour training on Google Local, how and where to get free money for your clients, how to create great ads, find the best keywords, and set up your client’s campaigns, and more. This is where you’ll learn exactly how this whole process works.
  • Cheese and Whiskers Training – You’ll learn the 3 psychological steps of the process, email examples from different industries, a live training demo by the sales master that helped Laura develop the system, the biggest mistake you can ever make, and how to scale the strategy beyond email. You’ll even get email examples from different industries, so you’ll know what to do for these industries. Case study results will also be provided, as well as learning what the biggest mistake you can ever make is.
  • The Elevator Pitch – You’ll get every word of Laura’s 16 second pitch, along with a word for word explanation on why it works so well.
  • The Hit List – You’ll get Laura’s list of the 33 local businesses out of over 350 that Laura has tested who are willing to spend the most money on marketing, and need you most.
  • The Marketing Audit – This is Laura’s 54 question marketing audit that leaves new clients begging to spend more money with you. It also comes with full video instructions on how to deliver it. You’ll also learn the secret weapon for turning $20 buyers into $1,000 a month clients.
  • Push Button Income – You’ll learn 13 services that you can deliver to your clients that require no work on your part, averaging an 85% profit margin for you. This one video is worth $500 alone!
  • 4 Weeks Hands On Coaching – Like I mentioned above, Laura and her staff will hop on the phone with you and answer any questions you may have. Her calls can last for hours because she cares so much about the success of her students. If you miss any of the calls, don’t worry, they are all recorded.

As a reminder, Instant Local Traffic will:

  • Make clients call you. You’ll never have to call them.
  • Get you at least 1 new client a day.
  • Require only 16 seconds of selling per client, and again…this is when they call YOU!
  • Pay you forever, with 99% of it on autopilot.
  • Delivers instant results for your clients.
  • Has 13 additional push button streams of income.

When you follow the system to the letter, you’ll never have to talk longer than a minute or so to anyone who isn’t already your client!

If this sounds at all interesting, you need to watch this free video. In the video, Ryan lists out Laura’s exact step by step instant client getting plan.


If you want to be successful in the local marketing business, Instant Local Traffic is what you need.

Get Instant Local Traffic Now!

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