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Does the thought of making videos intimidate you?

Do you doubt you have the time, the skill or the money that it seems you HAVE to have to make something worth watching?

Watch video-marketing wiz/guru/shaman, Mike Koenigs, show you how to piece together an affordable HD studio you can use to make online videos.

It’s a fun (and I’ll have to admit, well-produced) video called: “How to Get Your Own HD Studio For $200-$400.”

I found it incredibly useful for getting going with video without having to spend a lot…it even covers microphones and accessories.

You’ll discover:

  • the gear you don’t need
  • the gear you can’t go without
  • the one thing your video camera MUST have
  • how not to break the bank buying equipment
  • lots more!

Mike’s the expert in this sort of stuff. He’s been doing it for almost 20 years.

I appreciate the free content he gives away, because you know he practices what he preaches.

Example: When you go to get your free videos, you’ll see how to get FOUR videos from Mike (opt-in for ’em).

Plus, the page has a video explaining his online visibility software, Traffic Geyser, and how you can get access to a special, $1 trial.

You see? Mike uses video in the same way he teaches it.


PS – 20th Century Fox spent $280 million dollars making the movie, Avatar.

This will show you how to make a GREAT video for about $279,999,755.00 less.

Get Your Free Videos Now!

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