Mike Koenigs Webinar 90% Off Now!


My buddy Mike Koenigs invented an awesome new approach to showing you what makes YOUR business do better for you.

Introducing: the “Proofcast.”

The best way to succeed at something is to watch people who already know how to do it.

So Mike’s booked best-selling author and international sales expert, Grant Cardone, tech guru, Paul Colligan, and the successful “everyday” folks who’ve been using Mike’s products to land more clients by actually selling LESS.

They’re showing you how it all works, and I’m inviting you to join them, March 16, at 11am – 4pm PST / 2pm -7pm EST.

Register below right now.

For only 19 bucks, you’re going to get:

  1. A 60 minute session with keynote speaker Grant Cardone.
  2. Full-access to the Proofcast recordings and transcriptions (so you can go back and revisit material.)
  3. A chance to win the new iPadHD that just came out.
  4. The opportunity to copy the strategies of some of Mike’s top member success stories.
  5. A chance to win a copy of Grant Cardone’s book “Sell or Be Sold” we’re giving away 25 copies!
  6. A brand new “Producing Proof” presentation from Mike.
  7. Time to interact with the community via chat roll.
  8. To ask questions directly to Mike, Paul, Grant and the “heroes”.
  9. To discover how to find clients in surprisingly overlooked places.
  10. …And LOTS more.

There are SO MANY reasons why you need to be there on March 16.

Get the details here.


PS – Mike told me that once the Proofcast starts, admission is going up. A LOT. Book your spot now, and save 90% AND get full access to HD replay videos so you can go back and review.

If you wait, the price goes up to 200 dollars!

Go here and be rewarded with hugely valuable information…

Sign up for the first Proofcast Now!

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